2017 Sponsors and Vendors

Thank you so much to the individuals and businesses that help support ArtFusion Event.  

Check back often.  We are constantly updating this page.



Gold Sponsor

Our premium surface protection tapes and films are designed to suit a broad range of specialized applications. Including painter’s tapes, application tapes, and digitally printable wall-coverings.


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Gold Sponsor

PDRA is a trade association serving thousands of independent paint and decorating product retailers. As a PDRA member, you will have access to a vibrant industry with a toolkit of resources and support to help you achieve your business goals. PDRA members receive these resources at a discounted rate or free of charge:

Specialized online dealer training and education series
Monthly subscription to Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine
Numerous business product and service discounts exclusive to PDRA members
PDRA-sponsored webinar series, free to PDRA members


Faux Effects, Inc.

Fauxtini Sponsor

Manufactured by Faux Effects International Inc., the recognized industry leader in faux and decorative finishes, Faux Effects® products are a complete line of water based products from primers to topcoats engineered to work with ordinary latex paints.

These advanced technology products provide consistently slower drying times, allowing maximum workability. And their water based formulation ensures easy cleanup and environmental friendliness.




Bronze Sponsor

ECOPOXY Coatings are manufactured by ECOPOXY, a leader in the research and development of high bio content epoxy resins.

Our product production, and epoxy surfacing solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications are state of the art. Extensive laboratory and field tests, combined with years of satisfied customer use, have proven ECOPOXY Coatings to be an unparalleled high value and high performance surfacing solution.




Society of Gilders


Representative:  Annie Lemarie

An international non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and preservation of the art of using gold and metal leaf. We use gilding in all iterations.



Representative:  Jane Biven

Faux Design Studio | Loft 101 Stencils

Loft101 line (including 2017 new additions), pattern rollers, Shatter/glass crystals, and brushes, and tools, all at discounted prices.

Zibra Brushes

Representative:  Lane Ball


Paint and Design Store | Loft101 Stencils

Representative:  Sheri Zeman


Artistry by Ellie

Representative:  Ellie Ellis

Debuting at ArtFusion Event,  molds and cast plaster pieces by Ellie. Molds can be used repeatedly and can be used for bas-relief on walls, art panels, furniture, architectural elements and more.  These molds and cast plaster pieces will save you countless hours of sculpting. 

Design 7 Seven

Representative: Sandra Gonzalez

Design 7 Seven glaze offers a working time drastically longer than other competing glazes - around two hours in some applications.  It is designed to work equally with acrylic colorants, metallic paints and universal tinting colorants.  The glaze contains no “fillers,” such as added/unnecessary solvents or water. 

Rhythmic Wall Stencils

Representative:  Leslie B. Nesbit



Representative: Simone Cecchin

Italian manufacturing company of professional Venetian trowel, Extra Flex trowels, Decoration trowels and putty knives.


Great Wall Supplies