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ArtFusion Event 

Public art sale September 22 - 23

Crazy, awesome fun, and an investment in your business.
— Me

The hippest event of the year for Decorative Finishers. September 20 - 24, 2017 at Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Workshops, product and tool demonstrations, exhibitors, public art sale (yep!  Sell your art!) and event activity stuff.  The best part is exploring the latest trends and tools in the industry while meeting and connecting with others in an atmosphere of friendship, sharing and learning.

Although this International event was created for Professional Decorative Finishers, this is the fusion of multi art forms and artists, in the hope that we will all grow our skills, portfolio, and most importantly, ourselves. Professionals as well as interested newcomers are welcome to attend.


Ann Nielsen Hunter -

My attendance at the Art Fusion Event was motivated by a search for technical information from leaders in the art world. What I wasn't prepared for, and was overwhelmed by, was the camaraderie, enthusiasm, generosity, high energy, uplifting and just pure FUN which made it an experience I look forward to enjoying for years to come.