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Creating Abstract Art with Heart

Shauna Gallagher

Monday, April 1, 2019

Class Price: $185

Class Length: Evening 6pm - 10pm

Class description: Abstract painting is a fantastic way for decorative artists to expand their offerings. You can finish off a room and make a statement that is customized to your client’s liking. Using your skills as a finisher segues perfectly into abstract canvas work, as you utilize techniques you are already familiar with. In this class, you’ll create a canvas with depth and feeling, learning how to make art that isn’t just a decorative image on a wall, but one that evokes feeling, draws the viewer in, and has energy, and is memorable. To tap into your inner self and confidently express it on the canvas…this is the key to repeated commissions.

Tools: tbd

Products Used: Perfetto, Modern Masters, Golden

Bio: Shauna is an artist celebrating thirty years in the interior design industry. With a degree in Interior Architecture and an education in Fine Art, she found the world of decorative finishing to be the perfect marriage of her love for painting and interiors. Her work has graced many of the finest homes and businesses in Northern California. A nationally recognized instructor in the art of faux finishing, Shauna has instructed well over 1000 students throughout her career, as well as been published by Sunset books, and contributed to DIY channel’s House Crashers. Having overcome many obstacles throughout her career, Shauna’s greatest joy is to continue thriving in her business, staying in demand as a premier artist in her field, and creating sanctuary spaces for her clients. Teaching other artists to thrive in their ability to create beauty in the world is a passion that has never waned, and Shauna’s teaching will continue so long as there are open minds seeking soulful direction.

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Class Size: 18