Re-Thinking Alcohol Inks

 Patricia Jelen . Wisconsin

Class length: Monday 6PM, October 1


Reunion Arts and More


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Class Description: Join the vibrant world of wildly colorful alcohol inks! This class will teach you how to work with alcohol inks and learn techniques that will help you harness their innate beauty. From moderately controlled abstracts to stunning batik style paintings and highly detailed animals - your imagination is the only limit. You will learn how to control these seemingly uncontrollable inks so you can create beautiful sellable works of art. No doubt you'll leave the class saying "Hi, my name is ___ and I'm an alcohol inkoholic". Attendees will leave the class with numerous finished peices on ceramic tile, yupo paper and wax paper.

Bio: Patricia is fluent in a number of artistic mediums including photography, epoxy and art resin, metal/welded art, acrylics, mixed media and alcohol inks. She had a successful faux finishing/commercial painting business until her body told her to stop hauling heavy buckets of beautifying goo up and down ladders day after day, after day, after day. Looking for a less physical - but still creative outlet - she returned to her artistic roots and now ships original and commissioned alcohol ink artwork all over the USA. Patricia has been instructed in the basics of AI by artist and author Cathy Taylor and regularly teaches both beginner and advanced AI courses in NE WI.

Tools: Yupo paper (at least 10 sheets), scissors, 3 of your favorite alcohol ink colors, artist's paint brushes & a picture of your favorite animal/pet/landscape or