Way Beyond Gilding

Aliya Riaz

Sunday, September 24


Class Description: This class goes way beyond gilding! You will learn how to lay metal leaf in its many forms as a base for all sorts of interesting finishes. From double gilding to oil color and patination, from dyes and inks to glazes. You will walk away with new skills to enhance your portfolio as a decorative artist and for inclusion into canvas art. We will work quickly to produce at least 5-6 samples - which will be ready for presentation. Most of all this class will open up new horizons to you and make you think of gilding in a completely different way.

Bio: I have been learning about decorative finishes for almost two decades. I was truly lucky to be part of a two-year intensive course in interior decorative techniques in England and learn from masters of the trade. Here in the US, my mentor Dean Sickler invited me to become a core instructor at Dundean Studios to teach various courses sixteen years ago. Learning has always been exhilarating and teaching always contributes to it. In addition I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy giving many demonstrations of technique and product for Sherwin Williams, Polyvine and Janovic Paints in NYC. I am a working artist in the NY, NJ, CT area.

Website: http://www.aliyariaz.com

Tools: 1" stencil brush, sharp scissors, small roller with tray and much curiosity

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