Smiling, Styling & Sales

Leslie B. Nesbitt

Class Price: $150.00

Class Day: April  Thursday, 6pm - 10pm

Class description: In our business of surface slaying, we need to look and feel as good as our walls. Why should our walls be adorned with such beauty and grace and we're walking around looking and feeling like yesterday's leftovers. This fun interactive discussion is all about how to create your own intentional image to build confidence and clearly communicate your value to your clients, how to create a signature style which will make getting dressed a breeze for work or any occassion, and reenergizing your enthusiasm to be more profitable.

Bio: Leslie B. Nesbitt's work illustrates her fascination with color, pattern, and texture found in systems, both natural and man-made. This style is present in her work on canvas, walls and furniture. She is a decorative painter/surface design artist. Leslie's rhythm and flow for putting together the unexpected is poetic. She scrapes, pours, layers, and manipulates paint and plasters onto surfaces to create works that are rich in texture, color and pattern. Her ability to blend traditional African and European influences integrates a fresh aesthetic interpretation to classic motifs. Leslie is a Washington, DC native, a graduate of Bennett for Women in Greensboro, NC and holds a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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