Modern Goddess in Concrete

Audra Lynch - Chicago

Friday, October 5


Modern Goddess in Concrete

I myself have been traveling a long road to become the artist I am today. I wanted this class to be an expression of yourself. One in which you learn a new medium but also one in which you have fun looking inside and whether you choose to be real or fantasy its all about you. We will be using molds, cast concrete and carving techniques to create a stunning piece of art. I will teach you some different mixes along with a variety of techniques. Carved reliefs have been around for centuries but today there is a resurgence of this art. I’m excited to bring you this new and fresh look. It will be a full day of learning.

Supply List:

Trowel for concrete

Latex or nitrile gloves (few pair)

clay carving tools

palette knives various sizes

few chip brushes 2-3”

a few cake tips (will get sizes) and disposable bags (10)

if you have color shaper brushes

artist brushes (if you choose to color)

Bio: Audra Lynch is a decorative painting, plaster and concrete artist and instructor who resides in the Chicago land and NW Indiana areas.

Certified Master Artisan, Audra Lynch Nanay, began her art career over 25 years ago. Having a wealth of education and experience, the firm has continued to grow through client referrals. Audra works hand in hand with Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and home owners to ensure the end result meets all expectations and visions. Audra also works with precious metals, custom stone counter tops, one of a kind back splashes, hand glazed cabinetry and furniture, fine European venetian stucco and plaster, gilding, Eco finishes, murals, concrete overlays and more.

Audra has taught several private classes as well as having taught at Faux Retreat.