Explorations in Portraiture

Lora Murphy . Denmark

Price for class: $195

Tuesday, October 2, 6PM

Class Description: 

Brace yourself to be amazed with your accomplishments in this hands-on workshop where we will investigate exploratory techniques and approaches in Encaustic Portraiture and Figurative art. We will focus on the creation of rich and expressive surface designs and original pieces done with a combination of encaustic painting and mixed media techniques.

Throughout the workshop, some different demonstrations will be done, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore. Both encaustic and mixed-media techniques will be covered, including creating alternative working grounds, using a wide variety of tools, altering the painting surface in imaginative ways, and utilizing original and exciting mixed-media techniques to create stunning effects.

Class Size: 20

Products used: Enkaustikos, Gamblin, Rand F , Awagami , Ampersand

Tools: Mark making tools and a flexible bowl scraper