BAS-- IT's How You Spell Relief

Ellie Ellis

Class length: Two day class.  Wednesday, September 20 and September 21

Class Description: Bas-relief is a very unique form in the decorative arts today. Learn what it takes to create a good bas-relief which gives the illusion that the images are emerging from the surface of the panel and not simply stuck on top of the panel Learn to mold, carve, and sculpt your way to the depth, beauty, and texture of bas-relief.

Price for class: $350.00

Skill level: 1

Tools: •    Clay / Sculpting Tools (Michaels Craft store, Amazon, Ceramic stores) •    Small putty knife, Trowels , Japan Scrapers ( Whatever you are accustomed to using for applying plaster) •    Disposable cake decorating bags- large & Decorating Tips #12 & #5 & 352 or 366 (Michaels Craft Store)

Bio: Ellie Ellis, CMS (Certified Master Stencilist) aka, The Mold Lady, is a decorative artisan, sculptor, mold-maker and instructor whose expertise in hand-sculpted plaster relief puts her in a rare class of artists. She is a 2 time winner at the prestigious Concrete Décor Show and has been featured in numerous magazines throughout her career as an artist. 

“Bas-Relief is a lost art,” she explains. “I received my inspiration for this type of work while living in Europe for eight years and was enthralled with the ornamentation and relief work I found in many old homes, castles and churches. I fell in love with this type of craftsmanship, and I have been studying it for many, many years.”
Molds are an important component of Ellie’s reliefs. “I first started mold-making back in 1989 to replicate and expedite my art work,” she reports. “Since then, I’ve created more than 500 molds for use in my relief work.” Through her use of molds, Ellie has been able to dramatically reduce the time required to do reliefs. 

Ellie has taught several classes at recent IDAL conventions and at the Open Décor Show in Naples, FL as well as various other studios, including her own studio. Ellie loves to teach how molds can simplify an otherwise complex and time-consuming project. Students have consistently expressed their gratitude for all that she provides them during her classes. As one student shared “I now feel confident, energized and excited to go sell, sell, sell my craft!” Another student said “She is a very generous teacher – giving so much more than what I paid for.” 

Ellie Ellis is the owner of Elite Artistry. LLC. She has been in the decorative painting business since 2000.


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