Encaustic Painting

Gabriela Sánchez 

Tuesday, October 2

Price for class: $220.00

Class Description: You’re invited to join me in the workshop for an in-depth exploration into the art of painting with encaustic.In these Workshop you will be learning a variety of techniques with encaustic including how to build layers, fuse, texture, stencils, incise, transfer, collage and much more along with a working knowledge on how to melt and mix wax. 

Products used: R&F supplies, Winton oil paints,

Tools: All supplies included. Just a notebook to take notes.

Gabriela Sánchez Apodaca (Mexico, 1972), has a degree in Textile Design and a Visual Communication teacher. Sánchez Apodaca has been consolidating a career that combines the personal search for a poetics based on the technical mastery of materials, with a set of individual and collective exhibitions. Gabriela Sánchez shows a clear consolidation of her own discourse and increasingly solid in its forms of aesthetic enunciation. Professor Huascar Taborga is the one who introduces her to the understanding and incorporation of fundamental parts of oriental aesthetics. In particular of the notion of gestures and movement.

Between 2002 and 2017, Gabriela Sánchez integrates a numerous and diverse work in which some elements in common. Among them, his exploration of the line as a form of representation undoubtedly stands out. At the same time that his increasingly broad notion of writing in its original sense, that is, as an inscription. It is from this time that the artist's conviction arises that the origin of the stroke is the stroke itself. Each writing opens on the canvas an incisive line that penetrates, marks and erases its own path. Currently, Gabriela Sánchez combines the time she dedicates to her work production and the delivery of workshops in different techniques.

Website: http://www.gabrielasanchez.mx

Social media: http://@gabrielasanchezarte