Geode Walls

Audra Lynch - Chicago

Monday, October 1, 6;00pm


Geode Walls made Easy.

You will be able to create unlimited geode type walls by learning some few simple techniques. Easy to follow and easy to execute, Audra will show you step by step just how to achieve these amazing looks. We will be doing 3-4 samples that will compliment todays interiors. 



Audra Lynch Nanay holds a BA in design. However it is her love for interiors that has fueled her passion for creating beautiful spaces. She always has painted, from poop on her bedroom wall as a baby, throughout high school learning basics, college focused on design and print making while today she still continues to learn a variety of mediums (one of which concrete is her favorite). Being well versed is important because it helps teach you how to problem solve in order to create those magnificent projects. Her first paid gig was signage for a bake shop at age 12. At age 14, she and her mom were both porcelain doll instructors for numerous years. After her divorce in 1998 is when she took to walls after watching some TV shows and the need to support her daughter. It was in 2004 when she was able to go full time. Since then she has been certified in lime plasters, many Faux Effects courses and many concrete mediums. Her concrete art has even landed her in Australia and presenter in the Artistry at the World of Concrete 2012. She is now and empty nester who still loves creating projects and enjoys sharing her techniques and knowledge through training.

Supply List: 

few chip brushes (various sized 1-3”)

few artist brushes (3/4”-2” flat preferred)

1-2 Hake or blender brushes (larger 2-4”)

artist paint tray (one with larger sections preferred)

rag or two


Audra has taught several private classes as well as having taught at Faux Retreat.