Encaustic, a whirlwind trip


Lora Murphy

Friday day

Price: $240

•What encaustic medium and paint are made from and how is it made
•Brief history
•Health and safety
•Establish the set up and discuss what materials are needed for working with encaustic paint
•Demonstrate how to prime a substrate and then have class properly prime their substrate
•Discuss color mixing, extending paints with medium, tinting strengths of paint
•Show basic encaustic application and build up of paint.

• Building of layers, color mixing and creating glazes. 
•Demonstrate a variety of ways in which to create surface textures .

•Collage and the incorporation of various dry mixed media including papers, plant material, fibers, metal using the encaustic technique.
•Working with gold leaf ,panpastels and stencil, and incorporating mixed media including, oil sticks, inks, and panpastels
•Image transfer onto wax using dry pigment, such as charcoal and graphite. Using personal drawings students will transfer their drawings onto a wax surface, completing them with encaustic glazing technique or the use of pastel.
•Image transfer onto a waxed surface using photographic imagery, finishing with encaustic glazing techniques. 
There will also be handouts with step-by-step reminders for each subject covered.

About the Artist: Lora Murphy was born in Ireland and educated in Ireland , USA and Italy . Trained as an oil painter , she now works primarily in Encaustic and mixed media . Lora teaches workshops in Contemporay Portraiture in Encaustic throughout the world and is currently working on an Ecourse , due to be released this year . . She divides her time between Ireland and Denmark and maintain studios in both countries.
2014 Jungian psychology with art therapy at Limerick Institute of Technology
2011 The Angel Academy of Art , Florence , Italy
2008-2010 The Crawford College of Art and Design ,Cork ,Ireland
1984 -1991 Art Students League, West 57th Street, N.Y.C.
1983 BA Hons History of European Painting & Archaeology U.C.D. Dublin, Ireland.