Mastering Plaster

Dean Sickler

Saturday day class.


Skill Level: 2

Class Description: Take the mystery out of natural and synthetic textures. Learn how and why cement, plaster of paris, slaked lime, acrylic polymers and aggregates are mixed and used. Learn how to make your own venetian plasters, lime paint, concrete imitation and synthetic textures. See how different aggregates work in and on textures.

A valuable lesson in how things work. Learn what you can use to modify a synthetic texture so it will change its look and working properties.

Knowledge is Power.

Bio: Dean Sickler is the Director and core instructor of Dundean Studios: a working and teaching studio in Chatham, NJ. He has been in the painting and decorating business since 1975 having started in Los Angeles. In 1986, he founded Dundean Studios as a decorative arts studio and since has executed decorative and art commissions across North America. He is active in conservation and restoration work and holds a BA in Art & Art History from University of Toronto (1994).
Dean has a national reputation for being in the forefront of new technologies, and is regularly consulted by multi-national manufacturers in product improvements and color design. He lectures across the country on numerous topics involving the decorating and design field. As a participant in the International Salon of Decorative Artists, Dean has exhibited and demonstrated in many European and US cities. He is a Past President of the Mid-Atlantic Council of the PDCA, remains on the Board and is a founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Faux and Decorative Artisans chapter of the PDCA.

Price for class: $250

Tools: 3" and 6" putty knife preferably stainless steel. Small trowel is optional

Products used during class include:  Texston