Sunday, half day class starting at 8AM


Trish McKinney

Medium: Mixed Media – acrylics

 Skill Level: All

Description:  Metamorphosis is the process of transformation – a transition from one form into another – a dramatic evolving of something from a simple to a more complex form.  As an artist, it is a goal to always be striving for the next level of understanding and to continually evolve.  This workshop will intertwine bold layers of color, dynamic shapes, and rhythmic patterns to create an emotional connection, a new way of looking at a subject, and a new way of painting.  Students will have the choice to choose compositions with either a simple still life or a more complex portrait. Through this process they will learn powerful design concepts, color value, the importance of color play, and the need for a strong composition.  All of this will combine to transform each student’s ideas about design, color and composition!  

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