Money Making Moderns

Sheri Zeman . Illinois 

Price for class: $265

Business Name: Faux Design Studio

Class length: One day, Thursday, October 4

Class Description: Seven 16"x20" samples will be completed in this modern finishing class using the professional line of Faux Effects International products. Utilizing the latest in tools and rollers you will learn techniques that result in the most current looks, all while keeping the layers at a minimum allowing for pure profit.

Exclusive class discounts will be offered on tools.

Class Size: 25

Skill level: 1

Bio: My name is Sheri

Sheri is a distributer of the pro line of Faux Effects, Inc. products, owner of Faux Design Studio in Chicago and owner of Loft101 Stencils.

You can purchase products online at Paint and Design Store.


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