Coastal Coordinates \ Cabinets

Instructor: Patti Halstead Schlotterlein

Class length: One day, Saturday, September 23.

Class Description: The Vacation Industry is where it's happening! We are creating relaxing Furniture/Cabinet & Wall Finishes that are perfect for Coastal Interiors...they mix and match beautifully. These finishes are for furniture, cabinets and accessories as well as walls. Fresh new Coastal Color Stories. Environmentally friendly products and techniques

Bio: Creative, Innovative & Inspired. Patti added two decades of decorative painting experience to her interior design degree. Thinking outside the box is her niche. The focus of this class is the lucrative opportunities found in "the kitchen". Cook up some profits by up-selling with coordinating wall and cabinet finishes.

Tools: 4" Mini roller frame with smooth roller covers, mini paint tray and trim paint brush