Painting On Glass

Debbie Hayes

Wednesday day class


Skill Level: 2

Class Description: Painting on glass - verre eglamisé - dates back to pre-Roman times. It's all about reversing your thought process, and the steps you take, to achieve fabulous and sometimes unexpected results.

We will use roughly 12" by 12" or 14" by 14" heavy tempered glass to create 2 different pieces. For those who have extra time, a 3rd piece of glass will be available for you to experiment on, using the techniques you learned in class.

The class will play with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paint products (not using traditional application methods), and a myriad of other paint products, including leaf.

Tools: paintbrush, small trowel, stencil brush


Students may pre-order additional glass to take home for future projects. Remember that glass is heavy, and this option may be best for those who are driving.

Also, you may be interested in my metal glass art hangers so that you can go home and hang your masterpieces immediately. Or, better yet, sell them!

Important! Students will be sent ordering info weeks in advance, since the metal hangers are custom-made.  This means anyone registering for class after July, may not be able to order these.

Bio: Believe it or not, I earned a BA in Fine Arts, concentrating on painting (really) and I have spent 95% of my entire career as a full-time artist – though my focus changes over time. I am a book illustrator, graphic artist, art director, photographer, writer, faux finisher for 15 years, and a DIY blogger for several brands of paint. And my Momma said I could never make a living as an artist! I am honored to have been featured recently in Fifi O'Neill's BOHO Style magazine, Matthew Mead's Upstyle Home and Wagner's FINISH magazine, not to mention Where Women Create.

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Here are 3 example photos, the side view is to show what the art looks like when hung using my hangers. (The pieces can also be used as table décor, like serving trays and chargers, when felt is added...)