Rolling Reflections

Morey Dunbar

Class Name : Rolling Reflections - a playdate with rollers and foils

Wednesday day class, September 20

Class Description: Foils and rollers are a great way to make a huge impact! In this fun and glamorous class we will experiment with different sizes, foil manufacturers, release types, as well as texture mediums, pigments, sealants and rollers. Class to include stamping rollers, impressions rollers and a variety of foils for walls, furniture and art pieces. Students will complete 6 boards, plus a bonus if time permits.

Price for class: $180.00

Skill Level: 2

Bio: Morey Curtis Dunbar has had a lifelong love affair with creative decorative finishes and painting. Starting at 4, armed with a pastry brush and a jar of petroleum jelly, she attempted her first “wall finish.” Over the years, Morey continued to paint anything that anyone would let her.

While studying Environmental Design at Syracuse University’s School Of Human Development, a single course in historic restoration and renovation ended up determining Morey’s future career. Students were asked to create a cohesive plan of historical inspired glass, wall, floor, and fabric treatments. Experiments with different materials to create a variety of effects ignited a passion for decorative treatments for all surfaces.

Starting with furniture in a small gallery in Chicago and private work for friends and family, a new business was launched. Morey’s first large Chicago project, a Gold Coast condominium first designed 22 years ago, has remained as designed for two decades, through several owners. Since then, she has worked in homes and commercial spaces in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona and Washington DC. Projects have ranged from small furniture items to thousands of square feet of commercial space, each designed for the exacting desires of her clientele. A lifetime of travel throughout The United States, Europe, Asia and Russia has given Morey an international flair in her work.

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