Tadelakt & Lime Paint

Olivier Garnier, owner of Color Atelier Paint & Plaster

Class Price: $200

Class choices: Thursday 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Skill level: Some skill level required

Class Size: 12-20

Class description: Join us for an exclusive Tadelakt application workshop.
Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique that creates a waterproof surface for walls and ceilings, suitable for wet areas such as shower stalls and tub surroundings in bathrooms. For centuries it is used in Moroccan baths, Turkish hammams, and widely in European structures.

The application is now adapted for U.S. substrates. It has became quite the buzz among interior designers, architects, and builders in the U.S. over recent years. This workshop will make your portfolio stand out from the rest. 

Lime Paint

In this workshop we will create Matte and Polished Lime Paint samples. We will also explore using Sealer, and Clear Wax over Lime Paint. As well as using Prep Coat as a base coat for a polished Lime Paint application.
You will learn techniques that result in the most timeless looks, with a natural mineral based, very user-friendly coating.

Each workshop attendee will complete a minimum of four 16”x20” sample boards. Finished projects will be wrapped and packed for travel.

Color Atelier Tadelakt/ Shower Plaster has a smooth and slightly shiny appearance with subtle movement, is very durable, quite water resistant, and breathable. It will provide excellent bond to any properly prepared porous substrate, interior or exterior. It is a naturally elegant alternative for showers, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplashes for an organic, tactile look. Aside from its beauty, there are no seams or grout lines in its application. It is also made from natural materials, and is mold and mildew resistant.

Each workshop attendee will complete a minimum of three 16”x20” sample boards. Finished projects will be wrapped and packed for travel.

Tools: 1 stainless steel application trowel, and 1 stainless steel burnishing trowel are required for this class. Exclusive class discounts will be offered on tools.

Products Used: Color Atelier Shower Plaster, Sealer, and Clear Wax will be used. Other items such as; sandpaper, painters tape, rags will be provided.

Bio: Olivier started his career at early age in France, and comes from a generations of artisans family who produce, and install decorative finishes in Europe. Olivier, former paint chemist, developed and formulated lime-based paint and plaster finishes for many European and American brands. He started Color Atelier Paint with his wife, Burju Garnier, offering comprehensive line of residential and commercial specialty finishes, paints and products that are natural and artisanal, delivering superior quality. All products bring an unparalleled distinction to surfaces via traditional European techniques designed for today’s modern aesthetics and health criteria. 
Olivier Garnier also owns his San Francisco based decorative finishes studio, provides full commercial and residential services with the capacity to accomplish projects of any scope, large or small.

Website or Blog: http://www.coloratelierpaint.com

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