Golden LifeStyle Finishes

Dean Sickler - New Jersey

Two classes

Monday, October 1, 6:00pm - 


Tuesday October 2, 6pm -

Price for class: $125

Business Name: Dundean Studios

Class Description: The textures and metallics learned in this workshop are at the forefront of the hottest finishes on the market and will make your portfolio stand out from the rest. 

All of the techniques learned have been used in actual jobs so they are guaranteed to work.  This is a great introduction to the Golden PaintWorks products.

Contemporary Pearl/Gold overlay finish, using glass beads over designs and by themselves, veiling over venetian plaster, cascading finish, concrete lookalikes and other techniques will be shared in this fast-paced class  

You could spend months figuring out how to work with these products or you can take advantage of our experience and learn how to use many of them in just one day! From there you can go forward with confidence and make your own looks and signature finishes.


Social media: http://facebook/dundeanstudios