Zen Painting. The Spirit of the Brush

Gabriela Sánchez - Mexico

Tuesday, April 2

Evening, 6pm -


Website: http://www.gabrielasanchez.mx

Social media: http://@gabrielasanchezarte

Inspired by the Japanese wash, my proposal is a zen painting workshop using Chinese ink as a base and incorporating watercolor to create abstract with an oriental aesthetic.

The technique stands out for its simplicity and expressive power.

Aimed at anyone interested in getting started in Zen painting, regardless of the degree of skill or prior knowledge, since we started from scratch to go progressively into the technique until you achieve your own Statement Stroke!

Tools to bring: 15 sheets of watercolor smooth paper.

Products Used: Sumi-Ink, paper, brushes, watercolor paper, rice paper

Gabriela Sánchez Apodaca (Mexico City, 1972), holds a degree in Textile Design, and a master’s degree in visual communication. Throughout the years, she has incorporated her academic background to her work as visual artist; activity to which she currently devotes her full time.

Since her graduation from the Master’s Degree in Visual Communication, Sánchez Apodaca has been consolidating a career combining the personal search for poetics based on technical proficiency of materials and a set of exhibits, both individual and collective. In this area, exhibits in cities such as Madrid (Spain), Leipzig (Germany), Chicago (USA), La Habana (Cuba), Oaxaca (Mexico), San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) and various spaces and museums in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, stand out; through which Gabriela Sánchez shows a clear consolidation of her own statement which is evermore sound in its aesthetic enunciation.
His teacher Huascar Taborga, introduced her to the comprehension and incorporation of fundamental elements of oriental aesthetics. Particularly the notion of gestures and movement, with which the artist broadens her production codes and turns facts, into ultimate parts of her creative process.

Between 2002 and 2018, Gabriela Sánchez incorporates a countless artistic work in which some common elements have a substantial impact. Among these, its exploration of the line as a way of representation undoubtedly stands out. As does her increasingly broader notion of writing in its original meaning, this is, as inscription.

Today, Gabriela Sánchez combines time dedicated to the production of its artwork and teaching workshops in different techniques.