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  1. 1.
    the process or result of joining two or more art forms together to form a single entity. "a fusion of an idea from anthropology and an idea from psychology"
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      referring to art, faux painting, plaster or interior design that incorporates elements of diverse art mediums. “their fusion art includes a mural and embedded design in a contemporary kitchen”


The "joke" I used to tell people in 2003 was that I was going to create an event and call it FauxStock.  Decorative Artists and Muralists would come from all over the world and we would all just hang out, camp, take classes and network.  Well, that didn't happen, but in 2015 I had my first ArtFusion Event.  This was a lot nicer than camping, but still with that unique quality you won't find at other events. 

Now, several months after the event has ended, I have had plenty of time to think of just how I am going to make the 2016 even better than the first one, and it will be!   Here are the most often asked questions I have gotten since starting ArtFusion Event.

Why did you start this event?  Well, like I said above I have wanted to do an event for many years.  I have even posted on various forums and online groups saying it was a dream of mine and getting feedback on the type of event people would be interested in.  I also have a lot of ideas of what I would want in an event and everyone who knows me personally knows I like "different". 

Why start it now?  There are several different event, convention, expo type venues for Decorative Painters specifically to attend, but it wasn't until a more well known convention made an announcement a few years ago that their current convention would be their last that I thought the timing would be good to take the plunge and just do it.  Even though I knew I would create something very different from what is already out there, I didn't want to ever take away from anything established.

So what makes your event different?  Although I have many instructors in the Decorative Painting industry that have taught at other event type venues, I like to bring in "new" instructors and "out of the norm" class types, also. as the event instructors past and present will tell you, I don't want instructors that teach at a lot of other studios and venues, especially two to three months prior to the ArtFusion Event.  It is really unfair to attendees who like to try to go to a lot of the different event offerings throughout the year.  Why would they want to have to choose from the same classes or walk through the room looking at the same exhibitors?  

There are other industry events.  I bet it is a lot of competition.  Along with what I said previously, I don't consider any other venue competition.  In fact I have personally offered all the different convention/expos, etc. and associations a free vendors table to help promote their event.  

Is the event only for Decorative Artists?  No. It mostly is, but the longer we have the events, the more we are branching out to other mediums.  There is so much we can learn from other art forms, most of which can be incorporated into our own decorative painting work and art.

What activities do you offer?  We have a lot of competitions, and fun activities that were introduced first at the ArtFusion Event.  We have a lot more planned for 2017 and beyond as well, including a half marathon.

For every event we  form an alliance with a charitable foundation and after instructors and expenses are paid, any additional money will go to that foundation.  

Will you always have the event at the same location?  No, we plan on different locations as long as we are able to find places that fit our model.  Meaning someplace that offers low cost accommodations for both lodging and the event itself.  This is the biggest factor when choosing the location.  We also want to vary the time of the year for the event.  So if this year it is in the fall, possibly next year we have it in the winter, spring, or summer.

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