Q: How do I register? A: First I suggest you look at the classes and instructors and make a list of those of interest.  Then view classes by day to choose your classes and prevent overlapping. There is a registration button located at the bottom of every page.

Q: Can I pay by check? A: All payments are made through PayPal using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Checks are an expensive option for us, but in special circumstances we may be able to accommodate you for a $25 fee.

Q: What is the Event Registration Fee I saw on check-out and do I need it?  A: Because this is a not for profit event, the Event Pass goes towards the venue rental, after class activities and numerous other expenses.  This charge is essentially the same as you pay for other events, concerts and convention type functions.  

Q: How can I get a question answered that I can’t find on the website?      A: You should be able to find answers to all questions on either the website (click the Details link), or the AF Facebook page. If you still need help, use the contact form or email address listed on the website Contact page. Please do not send messages via Facebook or other social media sites, as these can get lost. Someone will reply within the next business day.

Q: I want to cancel my registration. How can I get a refund and what amount will be refunded? A: All cancellations and refund requests must be received in writing by May 1, 2017. Refunds will be issued within 30 days after we have received your cancellation email to joinus@artfusionevent.com and a $45 processing fee will be deducted. Refunds will NOT be issued for cancellations made after this date for any reason. As a not for profit event, all money is immediately put towards supplies for the event and instructors.  

I strongly recommend getting travel insurance.  This will protect you in case you need to cancel for any reason. Three reputable companies are: Travelex (800) 504-7883 , Allianz Travel and Travel Guard International (877) 901-7599 [Note: for full coverage you must take out a policy soon after paying for your trip.]  

Q: I never received a registration confirmation email/letter. How can I get it?    A: Confirmation emails are sent out automatically when you register. If you did not receive it, check your emails junk folder.

Q: I'm not sure what classes would be best for my business.    A: Write or give us a call and we can help you with your class selection.  You can also contact the instructors to ask questions about their class.

Q: Can my spouse attend?    A: Your spouse is welcome with a paid Event Pass fee, if participating in any Event activities.  

Q: Is the venue kid friendly? A:The venue itself is very kid friendly and there are many kid activities on the property as well as the area. The Event itself is off limits due to the tools and equipment that may be laying around.

Q: What do the skill levels mean?  A: Use this as a guide when choosing classes.  Skill Level: 3 means that you should either already have a lot of experience in the industry or background in the technique being taught.  Skill Level: 2 means that you should know how to use basic tools and products in the industry.  Please contact instructors directly and ask them about their class. 

Q: Will more classes be added? A: At the time of this writing there are no plans, nor room to add more classes. The only exceptions would be if a class needed to cancel due to low enrollment or personal tragedy or if a class sold out early in the registration we may try to make room for an additional class.

Q: I am not sure if I can afford to attend. A: In planning this and past events every effort has been made to make this event affordable for students, instructors and exhibitors. A ton of research has been put into the venue, website, classes and every other detail. Some aspects may not be considered the “ritz”, but the first goal is to make things affordable to the majority. You will notice that there are a lot of low priced classes. Instructors are encouraged to make classes low priced because we know by the time you make your lodging and get airfare, the costs can really add up.  



Q: Is there parking available at the event location? A: Yes, There is plenty of parking available.

Q: Will transportation be provided to/from airport? A: No, but check out the  located on the website for travel information.  

Q: What is the closest major airport?  A:  Denver, CO. You can find travel information on the Lodging and Travel page.  Click here!

There is an article on our House of Faux blog, that can help you get some great airfare.  Click here!



Q: Is there food available? A: Yes, two meals are included with your lodging. You can get supper at the Venue's dining room or explore the local restaurants.  The dining room opens at 7:45AM, so if you have an 8AM class, you may want to call ahead and have something ready to go as a take-out.

Q: Will there be arrangements for special dietary requirements (for example, vegan meals)    A: Contact the lodge directly. I believe they offer special meals if they have been given notice.



Q: Is there lodging available for the event? A: Yes, lodging is available right at the venue.  Each lodge room includes breakfast and lunch. You may add on supper by contacting the YMCA Estes Park and making a reservation.  We have a limited number of rooms blocked out so be sure to register early.

Q: How far is lodging from the class areas? A: The rooms will be in the same lodge as the classrooms. 

Q: I would like a roommate, how can I find one? There are a few different ways to do this.  A: There is also a form under Files in the FB Event group where you can be listed or just post in the group and ask. Be sure to bump the post periodically otherwise it may get buried in all the other posts.


Q:  Is the event held in the same location every year?  A: To date the first 3 events have been held in a different location.

Q: Are events held the same time of year?  A:  There is a lot of planning and research involved when deciding on both the event location and event dates.  One of the first things has been to contact other industry events and find out what their plans are so we can be far enough away as to not interfere with any others.  Just because we ask however, doesn't mean they will reply, so in those cases we just have to do what we think will work best for the anticipated attendees.

Q:  I am interested in teaching at an event.  What is criteria?  A: What we look for most is what we think will appeal most to Decorative Painters.  Do you have a class that is unique and will appeal to a broad range?  Most are judged by class type, price, length, what students get out of class, referrals.  Do you have any other classes within 40 days of the Event?  All conventions ask this, but we believe that AF has keeps instructors to the least amount of days.

For more information and an instructors application form, contact us.

Q:  I am interested in either being a sponsor or exhibitor.  I'm not sure which is the best option for me.  A:  Click on the link in the header Sponsor.  We can help you make the best choice for your business.




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