Shauna Gallagher

Make Your Life A Work Of Art

Breakthrough Coaching…Building the bridge to your dream life.

Tap into your purpose and the joy of who who are so you can share your gifts with others and thrive while doing it! 

Artists are creative. Artists are sensitive. They are astute, smart, and have vision. And definitely artists are brave. We wear many hats and have to balance our pulse of creativity with running a business, while managing our schedules, our clients, our families, and our relationships. The demands can take precedence and sometimes, we get stuck. Like we are on a hamster wheel. Before we know it we are not living out our dream, even though we enjoy what we do. As creatives, we must create continually stay in touch with creating a life of our dreams, and it is waiting just on the other side of that hamster wheel. 

In this seminar, you will learn techniques to design your life…to map out your desired path, to get unstuck, to define your dream life. You will find your vision, and it will excite you!  
Career. Health. Relationships. Finances. Spiritual. Mindset. Leisure. You name it. 

You will learn to identify the thoughts, beliefs and actions that will align you with that vision so you can implement them into practice with inspired action. More importantly, you will find why you haven’t created your dream life yet. Learn how to uncover what is no longer serving you and is instead holding you back. Find what limiting beliefs, experiences, fears or traumas you need to release, and learn how to reframe these experiences so you can move forward with freedom and excitement. Lastly, you will learn how to stay on track, to remind yourself that with each step, you are creating a life you truly love, filled with the dream clients, harmonious relationships, creativity, great health, joy, and vitality.