Cancelation Policy

Any change requests must be made before July 2, 2018 as we need to confirm venue accommodations. There is a $45 cancelation fee and a $25 change order fee.  There are no refunds issued after July 2 and instructors will not provide any class notes or materials for registrants who have canceled.  I know you understand as a not for profit event the venue and other expenses are being paid as money is collected.  Instructors are purchasing products and supplies, and making their travel and accommodations, based on the number of people registered for their class.   

Some discounts such as Early Registration, Contests, Specials, may be voided by canceling or changing your registration.  

  • We strongly recommend you to purchase trip insurance. Many will reimburse your travel, tour and event costs.  Travelex, Allianze, Amex Assuance are just 3 of the many.  
  • Proceeds will be donated to charity for non-refundable registrations.
Kathy BoydComment