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As an attendee and workshop helper for Cindee Lundin for Art Fusion 2016, I couldn’t have asked for a better personal and professional growth opportunity. The workshop options were so diverse and every class I took I learned new things for my portfolio. The instructors were experienced and professional and obviously have passion for their craft. I met some amazing new friends that up until Art Fusion, were just names and photos on Facebook. The caring and sharing of knowledge between instructors and attendees was a supportive environment where I felt very comfortable to be a part of. The venue in Colorado, the mountains and the moose were an absolute added bonus to the whole experience!
— Kelly Peterson, Layers of Color

3rd annual ArtFusion Event

Black Mountain, North Carolina

September 20 - 24, 2017

Hey!  I would love to have your help!  There is "one of those" forms below you can fill out and let me know what you can help with.  If you want to help out for a couple hours at the event just for the pure joy of it, I am glad to have you! For those who may be tight on money right now, you can earn a discount on one of your classes just by helping out.  

Once you have registered for Event and know your schedule, complete the volunteer form  below. Volunteers working towards a discounted class are chosen first by applicants who have registered for at least two Event classes.  

Volunteer to earn a discounted class up to 50% off depending on duties and time given. 

No discounts are given for instructor helper or art sale.  You must be a registered attendee/student to be considered as an assistant to an instructor.


Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer
When you stay home you get too many telemarketing calls.
As a volunteer you can tell people where to go.
You didn't get enough exercise last week
You might need help yourself some day.
It's hard to win a game of solitaire.
The early bird gets the best seat.
Why let me have all the fun?
Your family would be proud of you.
You need a new event tee shirt.
Sleep is overrated.

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