Your input helps

We want you to help build the ArtFusion Event experience. We'll be asking for your ideas and opinions through surveys, polls, and contests in our ArtFusion Event group. You'll help choose the instructors, class types, merchandise designs, activities on site, and tons of other event elements. It's your event, so share your voice and let's see what we create together.

Because this is a not for profit event, we are constantly striving to make things economical for "us" as well as the attendees.  This event will always be a work in progress to make it the best it can be, as well as unique to other events.

Preferred type of venues *
Would an affordable venue that had a strict no alcohol on their property policy deter you from attending the event?
How many days
Preference for event length.
Specific types of classes you prefer. (marble, plaster, etc.)
Name instructors you would like to have at the event.
Do you know first hand of a good venue? List name, website, why it would be good. Your personal experience at the location.
List any after class activities you may want. (rummage sale, auction, bingo, other)
Would you like there to be either a board of directors or advisory committee? If you are interested in being on one and can commit to meeting 1 - 2 times a year, tell me what skill sets, you would bring or expertise in any of the following: marketing, sales, operations, finance, research, human resources.
We are forming an advisory board for the event. If you would like to be part of AF, please make sure your name is on the form.
Please give input into the current event in progress. Missing any class types? Instructors? (let them know to apply!). How was the registration process? Venue? Location?
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