Public Art Sale

September 22 - 23


2017 ArtFusion Event Art Show Agreement


Our show is designed for artists who create and execute original, professional quality work. All work displayed MUST be consistent with the images submitted.  No substitutions after form is submitted.  

Digital image of each artwork must be submitted within 24 hours of your acceptance of this agreement. Digital images must be current and show artwork completed within the past three years.

A maximum of 10 original works of visual art (painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, fiber art, resin, photography) may be entered per artist.

Artist agrees, upon a sale, to a 15% commission to Art Show coordinator and $15 submission fee to ArtFusion Event to help provide materials for curating the show and local advertising costs.  Your artwork will also be shown on the ArtFusion Event website and Facebook Event Listing.

For questions contact Michelle Fountain at 423 309-3289


Delivery of Artwork

Accepted artwork must be delivered and ready to hang on Thursday, September 21, between 3pm and 6pm.  Unsold artwork must be picked up at 5pm on September 23.



All artwork should be identifiable in the following manner.

On a 5 x 7 cardstock you should have a brief bio which includes the following:

● Name and photo (photo optional) self portrait, photograph of artist working, etc.

● Brief description of the artwork, including price.

● Brief bio of artist.

● Contact information (email, website, facebook, mailing address, etc)


Private table

Private tables are available for those who want to sell their own artwork. There is a $45 ($40 if registered for classes.) table rental fee + 15% commission to Art Show coordinator and you must have someone at the table at all times. You may only sell your own artwork!


Checklist for Art Sale

1.     Reply to this form as acceptance to terms.

2.     Email photos of items for sale to Photo extension name should match submission.  For instance, your painting is named Painted Bird your photo should be paintedbird.jpg

3.     Fill out form and pay $15 submission fee.  $45 for private table.

4.     Fill out descriptive cards for art.

5.     Provide protective cover, bag or other for buyer’s transport.

For questions contact Michelle Fountain at 423 309-3289


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