Faux Effects



Hoppy Hour Party/Class Sponsor

Manufactured by Faux Effects International Inc., the recognized industry leader in faux and decorative finishes, Faux Effects® products are a complete line of water based products from primers to topcoats engineered to work with ordinary latex paints.

These advanced technology products provide consistently slower drying times, allowing maximum workability. And their water based formulation ensures easy cleanup and environmental friendliness.

Established in 1989, Faux Effects International, Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation dedicated solely to the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, high quality, faux and decorative finishing products.

Unlike the competition, our business structure is based on a unique triad of invention, production and artisan training. This distinctive combination of distributorship and training facility, in addition to online Internet ordering and technical assistance, allows creative individuals easy access to materials and education.

For those individuals that have chosen the art of decorative finishing and/or paint contracting as a career, our proprietary products and application methods will afford a distinct competitive advantage in an increasingly popular and challenging discipline.