Design 7 Seven

Design 7 Seven is proud to present our water-based, satin, translucent glaze.

Our glaze offers a working time drastically longer than other competing glazes - around two hours in some applications.  It is designed to work equally with acrylic colorants, metallic paints and universal tinting colorants.  Our glaze contains no “fillers,” such as added/unnecessary solvents or water.  As a result, not only can our product cover up to 25% more area than our competitors, but it also contains a fraction of the VOC that other leading brands do.  During application, our glaze is much less susceptible to problems arising from weather conditions.  In high humidity, when other glazes will “sag” or “run,” our glaze will stand.  In colder temperatures, our glaze will dry hard and durable, whereas other products will fail.  Our product is for sale direct, with no minimum order size and no “applicator certification” required.