Presto is a completely integrated manufacturer of digital print media and specialty tapes.  We execute every facet of the production process on site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives, to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing and shipping—it is all done under one roof. That is why we can offer the highest quality products at such phenomenally low prices!

Presto produces films to protect carpets, floors, windows, metal, ducts, counters, cars, and a wide variety of other surfaces.

All of our digital print media use repositionable peel and stick materials that can be installed in minutes and taken down just as easily. Our peel and stick wallcoverings is similar to Post-It note technology where it can be removed within days, months or years later without damaging the surface. You can update any surface for a season, the term of a marketing campaign or permanently.

Taking the wallcovering down leaves no trace of adhesive behind and damages no surface type. Yet our microsphere adhesive holds the covering as firmly as traditional but messy water and paste methods.