Instructor Requirements and Agreement.

Some of the class requirements (sample sizes, tools, etc.),  are  targeted to decorative painting classes, so be sure to let us know if you have any questions.  

1. Instructors take into account that the majority of students will be flying and taking multiple classes.  Sample boards, canvas and other sample materials will not be larger than 16" x 20" in size, and you will not ask students to bring more than 3 tools total in consideration of students who may have to ship their boards/supplies home or fit into a suitcase.  Remember, many take multiple classes and those tools add up quickly.

2. You agree that you are submitting an original class and will not teach the same class prior to the ArtFusion Event, and that all samples will be new and not taught elsewhere.  We do not want our class line up to resemble any other, nor do we want students to go elsewhere to take the class selected. The newer and more exclusive the class is, the more likely it is to sell out.  Submissions sent in that do not follow this policy will be disqualified immediately. If a selected class (or one resembling the Event’s course description) is taught before the event, ArtFusion reserves the right to cancel the class at its discretion.   

You also agree not to teach any classes outside of your own studio within 45 days of the event start or end date. We want to keep ArtFusion Event unique and not be a copycat of any other industry events. 

3. Volunteer exchange program - Each instructor will agree to give one (1) student a discounted or free class spot based on how many hours they have worked for Event.  If the student has earned enough for a half priced class or more, the instructor may charge student a reasonable materials fee.   

Fees and Payments

Instructors price their own classes. and will be paid only through Stripe or PayPal their class earnings minus 25% and transaction fee within 15 business days after the event is completed.  Any special equipment rentals or cleaning fees are the responsibility of the instructor.


ArtFusion Event reserves the right to cancel any workshop with a low enrollment  (under 10 students) by May 1, 2017. Class cancelation may also occur if instructor is deemed to not be taking an active role in promoting their own class.  We may be able to work with you to try and boost your class registration or we may decide that the class should be omitted from class offerings.  

Instructors may not cancel for any reason other than illness, personal tragedy or for low registration as explained in the paragraph above.  


Your application will be evaluated by an ArtFusion committee based on the following criteria:  

  • What new information (technique, product, etc.) does the workshop provide the student. 
  • Is the topic of the workshop in strong demand by event attendees?  How well priced is the workshop.
  • How long have you been teaching and what is your experience.
  • References from past students.
  • How well have you marketed and promoted your own classes.  Although past Event participants are given first priority, we will be basing our decision on several things including...
  1. Student feedback on your past class(es),
  2. Event participation.  
  3. How well you marketed your class.
  4. Did you finish your class on time.
  5. Did you leave class area clean.
  6. How well did you price your class.
  7. Did your class sell out.
  • Workshops must be new and innovative, creative and sellable.  You can put new twists on an old technique (up to a point).  An application for a workshop to be taught at the event may not be taught anywhere else prior to the event.  Changing only the workshop or sample board name does not constitute a new workshop.  Using these suggestions will encourage artists to come to the event and take your workshop.  
  • You agree classes (day classes) must end by 4pm (evening classes by 10pm) to allow students ample time to clean up and participate in other event classes, meals, activities.   You also agree that all class sample offerings will be completed by end of class.  This means don't say you will teach 10 finishes if you only really have time to teach and complete 4.  Quality over quantity!  Any class running past 4pm will be charged a fee of $50 per 15 minutes.  
  • You further agree that you will have your class cleaned up and at least in the same condition as when you started, or we will take a cleaning fee from your class earnings.  You further agree that you will not allow any non-registered event attendees into your class area, nor are you allowed to sell product or tools in class.  If you need an assistant one will be provided for you from the registered attendees.  You are welcome to take classes yourselves, as long as there are spaces left over from non-instructors.  In cases of a sold out class you may be asked to give up your spot in consideration of an attending student.
  • Pictures really do speak volumes . Photos should represent what the student can expect their samples to look like at the end of your workshop. If photos are not submitted by the due date, your class will be canceled. 
  • When pricing your class, remember that at Events such as this, attendees are trying to take as many classes as they can, so price accordingly.  The Event is a great way to introduce students to your style of teaching and leave them wanting to take more of your classes.
  • You agree not to teach any classes outside of your own personal studio within 45 days of the ArtFusion Event start and end dates. 

Contact us if you need help with class description and pricing.  If you need help marketing, we have a list of marketing people that we can send to you.  "We" at ArtFusion Event can also be hired to make one post for $50 including graphic.  "One" post includes Facebook group & page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Please remember that "we" are a unique event and promoting a low cost, affordable event for the masses.  You should also consider your Event class as an intro to what you can offer.  This means do NOT do more samples than can reasonably be finished in your class time.  This is the most often heard complaint from students of past events.

This page was provided to you by a link.  This link, nor the contents of this page may be shared or copied or you will not be considered for this or any future Event.  Thank you for your interest in ArtFusion Event!

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Short bio of your background and experience. This will also be added with your class description. You are welcome to list your website and/or blog.
What tools should students bring?
Preferred teaching day
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Immediately after submitting this application, email 2 300 dpi size photos. The two photos sent at this time need only represent what you want to teach. If your class is chosen your actual class photos are due March 1, 2017. Send two photos of yourself. Email photos to Subject line: Your name - instructor photos.
By typing your name and submitting the form you agree to the 2017 ArtFusion Event terms outlined on this page and this form will be your legal contract. I appreciate your interest in ArtFusion Event and look forward to working with you.