We offer a variety of add-ons to your sponsor and exhibitor package.  We are also happy to make something custom to fit your business and marketing needs.

Enhanced Profile on Conference App $250
This add-on would allow you to add your logo, links to your website and social media.  The app is available to attendees approximately two months before the event and after the event so that attendees can access their notes and other information.

Tote Bag Insert $300
This add-on to your sponsorship or exhibit fee will provide one (1) item inserted into the event swag bag given to conference attendees during the Friday evening Fauxtini. Inserts must not exceed 8.5” X 11” and be received at the site no later than September 10.  Shipping information is provided one month prior to event.

Logo on Facebook Group and Page Banner $75

Logo and complete listing on App $400 month.

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