Event Party with Entertainment

Event Party with Entertainment


This is the largest and most attended party of the event and the most talked about (so far!). 

An additional charge will apply depending on which option is chosen. See Additional Info. We introduce the Event Sponsors during the party.  Event party Sponsor is also given opportunity to speak during party.

  • Banner or standee with business name or logo

  • Napkins or party token with business name or logo.

  • Company name hyperlinked in AF email signatures

  • Two promotion email blasts to 9000+ potential attendees

  • Hyperlinked logo on Sponsor page of website.

The party will take place starting at 7pm on the day of the expo.

There will also be a live podcast of the party, the title of which will include your business name.




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The party will start at 7pm on April 3 at the Lodge of Santa Fe in the Hilltop Bar.

Option 1 - Hilltop Bar party. 1 or 2 cocktails per attendee and appetizers. Cost depends on number of attendees. We can provide PDF of options.

Option 1 with Music - This is an additional charge and cost will depend on the musician chosen. In the past they have cost between $350 - $500.