Snack and Water Station

Snack and Water Station


Bronze Level Sponsorship

Business listed on AF website under Exhibitor link.

Post on Social media including, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin.

Logo on banner at Event

1/2 price exhibitor/vendor table


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Snack and water table will be available during the entire event. We would like you to use the event colors symmetry. Water should be bottled and could be delivered from local distributor. Some will even do this for free.

If you would like to give attendees a nice keepsake water bottle, they should include the ArtFusion logo. We recommend not getting plastic water bottles unless they are free from BPA’s. The plastic bottles typically end up in the garbage.

If you prefer that we choose, purchase and design the booth, we are happy to do so with an additional $65 fee. Just let us know your budget and ideas for the Snack and Water Station.

Be sure to send both a horizontal and vertical style logo to be used on the website to   

  • Logos need to be high resolution. jpg., gif or png.

  • 2 logos 2:2 Square and 3:2 Standard.