Prize Donations

Prize Donations


Your donation(s) will be used for prizes during our Fauxtini party and Bingo night.  Your name will be on some of the bingo cards as well as lists of donators on social media posts, the website and the new event app.

Accepting gifts of product, gift certificates, classes, tools, or???

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Shipments should arrive by September 14.

You may ship to: 

ArtFusion Event Kathy

Blue Ridge Assembly

84 Blue Ridge Circle

Black Mountain, NC  28711

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When checking out please use the name you want used on bingo card.

Physical donations may be sent to the following address.  

After August 1 please send to:

Blue Ridge Assembly/ArtFusion Prize - 84 Blue Ridge Circle - Black Mountain, NC 28711

I would highly recommend having someone sign for your package.

Thank you so much for your donation!  You will get your name/logo on many of the bingo cards and you will also be listed on the website under product donations and on social media.