FE Cabinet Fusion

Rebecca Slaton - Kansas

Class Name : FE Cabinet Fusion

Price: $225

Class length: One day, Friday, October 5

Business Name: Faux Effects International

Website: http://www.fauxfx.com

Social media: http://www.finishingacts.blogspot.com

Class Description: Join me for Cabinet Fusion where I show you how to combine a variety of Faux Effects products to create up-to-date samples for production kitchen finishing to specialty furniture. These finishes developed for Art Fusion may be rolled, brushed or sprayed for looks such as simple paint and glaze, modern metallic, restoration waxed and classic traditions. You will complete 8 large molding samples and receive a notebook with step by step notes plus a reference product guide with my introduction to cabinets that explains preparation, pricing and project management.

Bio: Rebecca owned Surfaces, a Faux Effects School and Retail Studio. Prior to Surfaces, she operated a large commission business with several crews working on commercial and residential projects.. While accomplised in walls, Rebecca focused Surfaces as a leading school for cabinet finishing. Her work has been featured in several national newspaper articles, Studio Magazine, Faux Effects World Magazine, Decorate with Paint, and Simply Creative Faux Finishes by Gary Lord. She teaches at studios and events across the country. Rebecca is the new Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Faux Effects International and is based out of the Faux Effects Studio in Dallas, Texas. She is in her 10th year of writing the blog, Finishing Acts.

Products used: All are Faux Effects water-based products for cabinets and furniture.

Tools: All tools and materials will be provided